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Danganronpa is the anime adaptation of a game about high school students who have been selected to attend a most prestigious school, Hope’s Peak Academy. However, we’re quick to learn that something’s not right in these hallowed halls of learning. The main character, Naegi, finds himself waking up in the school and that himself and […]

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

  I’ve been brain storming this review for a about two weeks, and I’m still not sure if I can do it justice. The problem is that Grimgar is an amazing anime, without much really happening. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash takes place in a fantasy setting, and has a very Dungeons & Dragons vibe. […]

Snow White with the Red Hair

I like romance, theres no shame in that. But I like substance to my romance. I like depth, I like character, I like some realism, a little fantasy. And I want a story I can be proud of, something I don’t mind sharing because I know deep down it was good.