Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash



I’ve been brain storming this review for a about two weeks, and I’m still not sure if I can do it justice. The problem is that Grimgar is an amazing anime, without much really happening.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash takes place in a fantasy setting, and has a very Dungeons & Dragons vibe. The story focuses on a party of 6, a tank, healer, archer, spell caster, rogue, and fighter. The over all story is very slow, and basically sums up to fighting goblins and making progress so they can level up and earn money.

Ugh, that sounded so boring! I feel like I’m writing a wiki article! But that’s the issue with this show, unless I copy and paste the dialogue, show you screen shots of facial expressions, or link to the background music, I won’t be able to convey just how emotional and amazing this anime really is. Because while the plot is really nothing to write home about, the relationships and emotions are what keep you hooked.

Let’s talk about crying. You’ve got your people that cry when something pretty bad happens, as to be expected, and you’ve got people that cry at the drop of a hat. I’d say I’m pretty much in the middle, though slightly more emotional than say my husband.

Grimgar made me cry. A lot. And I had not expected that at all. In fact, I finished an episode crying, and decided to immediately watch the next one so I would feel better, and ended up crying even more!


Not only did I cry, I got emotionally invested. At one point I actually yelled a characters name, because I was so worried for him. This character, who I actually was very frustrated with, managed to make me care and be vocal for his safety.

And yet in telling you all this, I feel like I haven’t told you anything. Because this is an anime, while simple in plot, you must experience for yourself.




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